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Interior & Exterior Home Painting El Paso - JM Roofing Construction

Painting El Paso Homes

JM Roofing and Construction interior painting services take the pain out of having your home painted. We pride ourselves in painting El Paso homes and focusing our efforts on professionalism and quality.

Our professional home painters have the experience and skill to make the interior of your home look new and refreshed again.

You can be confident our crews will cover all flooring and furnishings to protect them from the paint. You don’t have to worry about the cleanup. Our painters will clean up after themselves and remove any tape, paint, paint cans, and drop cloths.

You can have confidence that we will try to make your painting experience as easy and trouble-free as possible. Our interior painting services are performed by experienced and well-trained professionals who understand what homeowners desire in a painting service.

JM Roofing and Construction follows a four-step process to excellence. Our house painting El Paso service is second to none.

house painting el paso

Exterior Home Painting

JM Roofing and Construction established a benchmark in quality, beautification and preservation in our industry. Our Premium exterior painting service will give you many years of beauty and durability. We offer solutions for the problematic home experiencing excessive peeling and rotting wood.

JM Roofing and Construction’s commitment to quality exterior service exceeds the needs of most homeowners.

Homeowners need an exterior paint job that will give great durability, but is also cost effective. We have designed our painting service around this concept. It provides durable, cost effective, attractive solutions for your exterior painting needs and fits within most budgets.

You choose the paint type and color you want and our painters will complete your exterior painting job according to the specifications of the “Painting and Decorating Contractors of America Application Manual”.

Meeting industry standards and manufacturers’ specifications assures that your paint job will be done correctly. We assure you our professional painters are trained to carry out your painting project according to time-tested industry standards, and manufacturers’ specifications.

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Our Painting El Paso Homes Process

Our Painting Preparation Process:

JM Roofing and Construction will remove any furniture we can; move what’s left into the center of the room and cover with drop cloths. JM Roofing and Construction uses removable (usually blue) ‘safety’ masking tape around moldings, doors and windows, and drop cloths to protect floors and furnishings.

JM Roofing and Construction will cover all smoke detectors as well as remove all light switch plates and electrical socket plates. JM Roofing and Construction will identify imperfections in your walls.

We will sand and or scrape loose and flaky paint with sandpaper and paint scrapers – down to bare surfaces if necessary.

We will fill in all nail and screw holes with the spackling compound; fill cracks with caulk. Painting El Paso homes is an art, not just a service that can easily be done by anyone. At JM Roofing and Construction, we make sure to pay attention to the detials.

For more serious repairs, we will use drywall-taping techniques, sanding it down until it matches the area around it.

We will wash all surfaces with our proprietary cleaner to remove grease and dirt. If necessary, we will use paint deglosser on glossy surfaces such as trim.

We will tape all walls and ceilings as well as apply tarps to cover any exposed furniture and carpet.

Painting: The proper application of paint on walls, floors, or furniture can change the look of a room at the very little cost. Using the right paint, selecting the proper product, and using professional-style techniques will give you the results worthy of your home’s value.

Professional painters will work with paint you choose! JM Roofing and Construction will make sure you get all the information you’ll need on interior paint types, products, materials and application. JM Roofing and Construction will assist you in, color selection with some tips from the pros. This process of painting El Paso residence is vital to our process.

How to Choose the Right Color Paint

When it comes to decorating, choosing paint color can really be a challenge. While you may feel that there are so many choices you’re bound to find the right one, you may end up feeling that there are so many choices you don’t know where to start!

The tips here will really help you if you feel stumped by this important choice. After all, the paint color will set the tone for the room.

Be Patient

It’s great to collect paint chips when planning a room, but hold off making final choices until you’ve developed an overall room scheme. Paint is available in literally an infinite array of colors and is the most versatile element of your room decor, the easiest to change, and the least expensive. Get ideas but make the final decision after rugs, wallpaper, and fabrics are finalized.

Coordinate Decorating Samples

When you go shopping, you’ll need to refer to your fabric, carpet, tile, wallpaper, and trim samples constantly. Be sure to take everything with you wherever you go. No telling where you might see something wonderful.

Really Study the Colors

You’ll find clues about the underlying tones of different shades of a color on a full sample strip of coordinated colors. Even if you’re not even considering using a darker tone, look at all the colors carefully. Decide if the family of colors is the direction you’re headed with your color selection.

Tried and True Formula for Colors

If you’re working with a print fabric, you’ll probably be happier if you select the coordinating wall paint color from the background of the print. Use the deeper or brighter tones for accents throughout the room or adjacent spaces.

Selecting the Best Dark Paint

There’s nothing worse than a fresh paint job with faded spots from cleaning, and dark colors are the worst.

Use Paint to Change the Look of a Room

Paint is one of the least expensive materials that you can use to change the look of a room.

How Paint Can Change the Look of a Room

Are you hoping to change the look of your living spaces? It is easy to do with just a simple change of paint color and decorative painting techniques.

Once you have chosen the paint for your project a team of JM Roofing and Construction professionals will prepare your room for painting.

Clean Up: If you have ever painted a room in your home you are familiar with how messy painting can be.

We will make sure the necessary steps are taken to professionally dispose of all painting materials.

We will remove all:

Furniture covers Painting Tape Dry Wall or Sanding Dust When JM Roofing and Construction leaves, you will have a beautifully painted room with no sign of a messy paint crew left behind.

painting el paso homes is one of JM Roofing and Construction specialties

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