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Expert Flooring Installation In El Paso TX

Bright colors, unique shapes, and intricate designs are the cornerstones found throughout history. Archaeological discoveries have found ceramic floor tiles still in the pristine condition as when they were first fired and installed in homes. Installing tile flooring s one of the oldest crafts left in the world and finding an experienced contractor is the key to your floor lasting for years or decades.

Ceramic Floor Tiles and Why They Are Special

Ceramic tiles are special It’s not just because of the fact that they generally make better flooring than carpets or wood, it’s no that they keep you cool in very hot summers.

Kitchen and bathroom flooring is predominantly ceramic floor tiles, these types of tiles have always been used for this purpose. They are easy to clean, waterproof and hard wearing making them ideal flooring. Tile floors have become more popular than ever, being used in any room in living spaces as an alternative to hardwood flooring or carpet. The durability and ease of cleaning have contributed to the recent mass use of this flooring type. In today’s busy world anything that helps you clean up easier is not only time efficient but a necessity. Call us today for an estimate.

Kitchen Tile Installation

Kitchen tile floors are among the popular ornamental material for some time now. It takes lots of time for tiles to create a remarkable proof of usefulness and durability. Over time, kitchen tile flooring has also become subject to customization and they are now offered in customized designs, special effects, and distinct glazes. One of the best ways to create an eye-catching kitchen floor tile is to employ subtle arrangement and gradations in color throughout the entire kitchen floor. Installing your kitchen floor tile, whether ceramic, porcelain or stone, suggests a sense of value, durability, and strength.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, it can also be of the same cost as your high grade vinyl floor covering especially if you do the installation yourself. Kitchen floor tile can give you a high-rating property appraisal plus ease in maintenance. But these benefits will all be nothing if the tiles aren’t installed well. When you think of tiling your kitchen floor you have to take into consideration some major disruption in your daily life. This project affects access to food, meal preparation, and traffic patterns through the kitchen.

Some preparation can be done well in advance of the tiling. You would have to remove cabinets, doors and a new subflooring will be applied. For the tiling itself, we try to get your kitchen back in operation as quickly as possible.

Laminate Flooring Installation

Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, floor lamination has become a popular choice for active areas within the home, offering exceptional durability. If you love the look of real hardwood but are concerned with the upkeep, then laminate hardwood floors could be your answer. If you are concerned with tearing up your old floor or you don’t want to spend the additional money for a real hardwood floor, then a laminate wood floor may be a great alternative for you. Laminate floors are also a great product for do-it-yourself installations.

JM Roofing and Construction offers certified, registered, endorsed laminate flooring installation. We stand behind all our products and the installation with an unconditional guarantee.

Advantages of laminate flooring

Here are some advantages of floor lamination that you might want to consider while choosing one:

At JM Roofing and Construction consumers can find a wide selection of laminate flooring brands in many different designs, sizes and colors. The floors come in many different plank widths and square tile sizes. The stylish designs range from realistic stone, tile and hardwood visuals giving you a perfectly finished and professional laminate wood and laminate hardwood floors.

We at JM Roofing and Construction bring you quality floor lamination services through some of the most popular laminate floor manufacturers.

Laminate floors are installed by floating the planks over most substrates including plywood, OSB, concrete slabs and some existing floor coverings. The planks and tiles have tongue and groove edges that lock them together. These floors are never secured directly to the sub floor.

Most laminate floors require no glue to secure the planks and tiles together, they just snap together. Glueless laminate floor installation makes these floors quick and easy-to-install and ideal for do-it-yourself installations. Some other laminate floors are pre-glued at the factory and only require a damp sponge to re-activate the adhesive along the tongue edges. A few other laminate floors do require a specially formulated glue to be applied to each of the plank edges.

Custom Tile Installation

Custom Tile Flooring Custom tile provides one of the chief advantages of ceramic tile and that is that its use and appearance have almost no limitations. Custom tile manufacturers will make unique one-of-a-kind designs allowing you to create hand-painted custom images to suit your particular decor. Most often the design is added at the time of the glazing process. However, there are a number of companies that now offer the service of applying decos to already made products.

These can range from fruits and vegetables to culinary herbs and beautiful nature scenes. Custom tile which is hand-painted can be quite expensive. Still, they are becoming much more popular and can be used as an insert decoration in the floor which will personalize your particular room design. The technology (as mentioned before) has advanced to the point that you can have personal images transferred to a piece of ceramic (with some limitations) providing you with that truly original look. Custom tile is generally associated with wall applications such as a back splash in a kitchen or bathroom wall.

Although they are used here, flooring applications are gaining in popularity. You really are only limited to your own imagination regarding its use. For more ideas and suggestions, consider looking in the latest popular design magazines or if it is in the budget, hire the services of a licensed and qualified designer/decorator. Her/she will be able to show you actual jobs that can give you a good idea of what you can accomplish. As mentioned previously, this type of flooring can be quite ‘pricey’ so if you are considering using it, make sure you’ve made provisions in any cost-analysis you came up with before hand.

Tile Flooring Maintenance

Once you have installed your tile floor you need to think about regular maintenance. Regular home cleaning is obviously recommended but an annual professional inspection is recommended. JM Roofing and Construction ‘s team of professional tile flooring experts will inspect your floor tiles and the health of your grout. A properly maintained tile floor can last for a decade or longer is properly maintained. Keep your dream floor alive and schedule regular maintenance for your tile floor.

Types of Tile Maintenance Services

  • Cleaning Grout
  • Inspections
  • Tile replacement

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