Licensed El Paso Roofing Services

Our El Paso roofing services include: roof repairs, roof replacements, flat roofs, tile roofs, asphalt roofs, for both residential and commercial.
We are El Paso's roofing experts with years of experience. We are licensed and bonded contractors. We make sure to deliver excellent customer service to all our clients. We strive to provide high-quality products and quality workmanship.

Roofing Services That El Paso Trusts

Our roofing specialists can schedule a free roofing estimate to survey any necessary repairs or home improvements. We will schedule you for a timely estimate and follow up to answer any questions that you may have. Our roofers will inspect and evaluate the best options for your home. We can also answer any questions that you may have regarding home improvement payments.

Types Of Roofs That We Service:
Asphalt Roofing
■ Flat Roofs
■ Tile Roof (Repair)
■ Commercial Roofing

Painting Contractors

JM Roofing and Construction are full-service painting contractors, serving the greater El Paso area. Our services include residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. We provide expert professionals to guide you through every step ensuring your complete satisfaction. Whether it is interior or exterior, residential or commercial, our professionals will make your dream come true.

Preparation and Finishes

Once the estimators and clients have completed the details of the service agreement, the JM Roofing and Construction teams begin with the preparation of the site. If the project is an interior project, we begin by carefully moving your furniture. Tarp or plastic sheets are placed on your flooring to protect it from drips or spills. Once the area is protected, it is time to prepare the Interior or exterior surfaces. This step includes repairing cracks and imperfections with fiberglass tape, drywall compound, caulking or putty. Oil or water stains are sealed with a coat of high quality primer to prevent stains from bleeding through the new paint.

JM Roofing and Construction has the expertise to provide a variety of finishes, decorative painting, ragging, sponging, striping, texturing and color matching.

Professional Flooring Installation in El Paso

JM Roofing and Construction specializes in wood and tile flooring installation. We are experienced flooring installers dedicated to skilled craftsmanship, offering diversity and quality in its wood and tile ranges, and unsurpassable customer care.

Specializing in the installation of wood and tile flooring, JM Roofing and Construction are members of the Contract Floor Association and derive wood and tiles from sustainable sources only.

If you’re thinking about a new wood and tile floor, it's nice to know wood and tile floors are always the right choice, no matter what particular trend is currently fashionable in the world of wood and tile flooring. After all, wood and tile floors are designed to add value to your home as well as make clean up extremely easy.

We all find planning, shopping and decorating exciting . . . and can't wait to see the result when everything is done. We all want to set our own personal stamp on our home, creating a little oasis where we can relax, sleep, eat, love, bring up children - basically live life and enjoy ourselves. On this website we'll show you the impact a wood or tile floor will have when it comes to giving your home a feeling of warmth and life.

Whether you want to choose a light and airy atmosphere, or maybe something more discreet and calm with a designer wood and tiles, let yourself be inspired. When designing your ideal interior, let your imagination flow and get back to basics. Start with the floor.